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10 Workouts You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Own Home (+ Some Bonus Core Action)

Some people truly are just a ray of light in your life. Andrew Shoen, you are one of those people. From the day I first met Andrew he has been inspiring, real, down-to-earth, and juuuust pushy enough (😉) to make me the most confident I’ve ever been in the gym. And it shows. I can walk up to the squat rack and not feel like I’m going to fall flat on my face. I walk taller in my day-to-day. Like another one of my favorite trainers always says, “you carry yourself a little differently when you train, you earned your body, you respect your body. And that lets everyone else know to treat you that way too.” WELL ANDREW, because of you, I now carry myself differently, and I am so thankful to you for that.

Another thing I appreciate about Andrew is how we’ve become such close friends. When I came to him with the idea of doing a kind of how-to blog, with exercises people could do in their own homes that would target their whole body on the days they couldn’t make it to the gym, he was all for it. Didn’t even hesitate. Collaborating with other like-minded professionals is SUCH a refreshing feeling, and I think I speak for both of us when I say we had so much fun putting this together for y’all.

So, without further ado, here are a few great exercises you can do at home, in the hotel, wherever you might be, that will target your whole body and get the blood pumping on those days where you might not have as much time to do a full workout.

(Also note that I’m obviously SO so far from being a fitness expert by any means, I’m still working on learning and making these exercises my own.)

Exercise #1

This one is great because all you really need is a set of bands. Wrap it around something sturdy like a door frame, and you’re good to go! Plus, bands are always easy to pack up and bring with you anywhere, and you can switch up the resistance whenever you want!


Exercise #2

Your twist on the average jumping jack. This one is BRUTAL after about 5 reps. You want to make sure you’re moving quickly enough to get your cardio, but take the squat slow enough that your posture doesn’t suffer and you can really feel it in your hamstrings and glutes.


Exercise #3

My favorite, because it is an Andrew original. All you need for this is a dumbbell (I used 10 lb). Starting on the ground, lunge forward, learn back, and then explode up, raising the dumbbell all the way over your head. I had told Andrew I needed to work on my balance (which is pretty much currently nonexistent) and core, and this one for sure targets both.


Exercise 4:

How can a kettlebell workout be hard, right? WRONG. So again working on core and balance, the exercise ball is really what makes this one tricky. Trying to keep your body stabilized, do 10 reps on each side to ~really feel the burn.~


Exercise 5: 

Always wanted to be the next Lindsey Vonn? Look no further. This adaptation of a skiier workout will have you feeling it in your glutes and inner thighs. All you’ll need for this move are some sliders and a hardwood floor! (Or, Andrew recommends improvising with some washcloths- might as well kill two birds with one stone and wash your floors while you’re at it.)


Exercise 6: I call this one the fake burpee. Not your traditional move, but not necessarily easier. Just a different kind of hard. Starting in a plank position, lower yourself into a pushup and then jump up into a squat. And obviously try to have better form than I do 🤦🏼‍♀️


Exercise 7:

So when I came in and told Andrew I wanted to work my core, apparently that translated into having having my core DESTROYED. Exhibit A: this exercise. I don’t even know what to call it, but grab your sliders again and get ready. Clearly my form can still use some improvement (a lot of improvement), but this is a great way to amp up your stable plank move.


Exercise 8: 

The “how many times can we jump over a workout bench without tripping and faceplanting” move. Self-explanatory I think. Perfect for getting that heart rate up!


Exercise 9: 

Hanging leg raises. Yeah. This one isn’t pretty, I know. But once you learn to stabilize, personally, this one is the best exercise in the book. PRO TIP: Andrew recommends staying far away from the dip machine (a fairly common machine used in most gyms that, in a way, simulates this exercise). While you might think you’re getting a good workout, the support of the machine is actually taking away from the work your body needs to put in to strengthen and support your core. Just one of many things I never would have known.


Exercise 10:

Ahhh squats, my favorite. Just use a simple weight for these, keep your chin up and posture upright. I never turn down a good squat, I recommend you do the same.


Last but not least: CORE BLASTERS

These you’ll need a machine at a gym for, but by all means if you can find a way to make it work at home, have at it! The more creative the workout the better, always mix it up!

If you have any questions about any of these exercises, I’m more than happy to put you in touch with Andrew directly (he’s located in the Syracuse area) or reach out to someone you trust!! If something doesn’t feel right, listen to your body!

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