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Girl Scout Cookie Pairing at Empire Farm Brewery

How does one properly pair delicious microbrews with age-old cookies? I know that’s the question that’s been front and center on your mind, because it’s been on mine ever since Empire Farm Brewery announced their Girl Scout cookie beer pairing event.


Between Wednesday, March 6 and Sunday March 10 (yes, you still have time!!) at either location, Empire is hosting this special event to celebrate Girl Scout Cookie Season. No, that’s not an officially recognized season, but you all know what I’m talking about. It’s the time of year so many of us look forward to. Even if you don’t know a Girl Scout personally, chances are you’ve been cornered at your local grocery store/gas station and have been so suckered in that you now have a few boxes coming your way in the next few weeks. And I have to tell ya, this new generation of Girl Scouts are real hustlers – we’re talking $5 a box for cookies these days! The future truly is female 😂

While supplies last, you can choose from two flights of cookie/beer combinations (or try them both):


Flight 1:

S’mores & Cream Ale Savannah Smiles & Cranbaby Tagalong & Deep Purple

Flight 2:

Samos & Sweet Fire Toffeetastic & Big Leg Emma Thin Mint & Black Magic Stout

Since we couldn’t decide, we purchased both flights. At $10 a piece, this makes for a super inexpensive evening out with friends. And to be fair, you can’t separate Tagalongs and Thin Mints and expect a person to be able to decide!

We left full, happy, a little buzzed (always bring a DD if you need one, people!), and in my case, a little regretting my decision to once again indulge in gluten. 10/10 definitely recommend getting to Empire tomorrow if you have the time! But, if you can’t make it, use the above pairing lists to host a pairing event of your own with your favorite craft beers. I’m interested in even trying one with wine since we all know that’s where my heart truly lies…

Empire isn’t the only local business taking advantage of the Girl Scout cookie hype – Glazed and Confused unleashed their week of Girl Scout inspired donuts (TOPPED WITH ACTUAL COOKIE).

Check out all the fun on their Instagram, as well as their other offerings! And, just as with Empire, there’s still time to snag a Thin Mint inspired donut tomorrow. Start your morning off with a sweet treat and then head right on over to Empire’s downtown location for happy hour 😉 Two of my favorite local businesses that are just absolutely killing it.

What other Girl Scout themed foodie events are going on in your neck of the woods? Drop me a line!

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