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It’s About Time

I’ve been itching to start a blog of my own since about 8th grade, when I first learned what the word “blog” meant. Through my idol/Youtube sensation Andrea Russett (I’ll link to her channel at the bottom, you should follow her, she’s great), I somehow stumbled upon Tumblr and was addicted from the start.

….okay anyone who knows me knows that’s a lie. I could not for the life of me figure the damn website out. Feigning disinterest I walked away from what I would later discover to be the love of my life- yes we’re still talking about Tumblr here- and a few years later decided to give it a try again. Now this time I was immediately hooked, and to this day Tumblr is my #1 creative outlet. Despite having just about every social media platform on the planet, Tumblr is my go to and you can get an inside peek into who I really am through my Tumblr. My likes, dislikes, passions, inner thoughts- all on my Tumblr.

Anyway, now that I’ve gone off on that tangent and basically just put together a full marketing campaign for the site, back to what I’m trying to say. As soon as I knew what the concept of blogging actually was, I swear I fell in love. My entire life I’ve been a writer. You could call it more of a babbler. I would incessantly get in trouble in high school for turning in papers way past the word limit, and once I get a pen in my hand and paper in front of me, there’s no stopping me. My boyfriend will tease me because when I write letters to him they’re miles long when I probably could have cut right to the chase in a sentence or two. In essence, I’m a writer and a creative mind and despite telling myself that I don’t have anything worthwhile to write about, I’m about to change all of that.

After spending the semester in LA, I’ve found that anyone can do just about anything if you really put your mind to it. Ordinary people become famous every day, for things that we never would have guessed could make a person famous. I mean, come on people, look at the Kardashians. From here on out, this blog will be the inside scoop into what sets my life apart. I’m SO excited to get started so without further ado…


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