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Guess Its Jess was born fresh off my first experience living away from home. I came back to NY with a stronger sense of self and a realization the world was much, much bigger than the small town I had known for 20 years.

While this space has taken on a life of its own over the years, my goal has always been simple - to encourage everyone to experience life deeply. You don't need much to create a life you're proud of. In fact, the wealthiest people I know are those who worry less about money + more about moments.

It's funny to look back, I've edited + updated this 'about' section nearly half a dozen times since I first began sharing my story back in 2016. As I've grown as a creator and as a person, this website has evolved beyond writing about my favorite things (although that still happens, too!)


I now offer custom branding and design services to other small businesses. I feel incredibly blessed to get to be a part of other creative journeys by helping businesses tell their story. 

If there’s one quote that’s led me all this time, it’s the following:


“Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”

If there’s something you can’t stop thinking about, a dream you can’t stop chasing, even if you've been told it’s not ‘realistic’ by societies standards, go out and get it. Work hard, use criticism as motivation, and if you follow your passion, you can never fail.




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