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Hair With Heart, Hair By Hartt

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Finding a hairdresser that you trust and love is not always easy. For girls and guys alike, your hair is one of the few things that people notice every day, so for me at least, if I’m going to be paying someone hundreds of dollars to cut and color my hair, I want it done right.

I stumbled upon John after one of my friend’s posted a picture on Instagram this past summer. I’d always wanted to take my hair lighter, but with my dark features (thanks dad, thanks Italy), I never trusted someone enough to actually go through with it. I finally decided to book an appointment and take the leap, and I to this day I couldn’t be happier! I can’t imagine going back to full brunette or ever going elsewhere now. Not entirely sure what I’m going to do when I move this fall, I think I’m in denial that there isn’t a John Hartt in every city across the continental U.S.

In the meantime, however, I just had to share my find with all of you! One thing I always wanted to do with my blog is use it as a platform to promote people I think are doing something really great, and John really is the epitome of that. This past weekend I was able to catch up with one of my old college friends at her appointment and had the opportunity to ask John a few questions about current hair trends and how he got into the business:


What do you see as the current hair trends? What do people come in & ask for most often?

J: The modern shag, beachy look is definitely in right now. People are really embracing the ’60s/’70s fringe- effortless waves where the ends are straighter and pieceier. Cuts wise, people like the mid length, textured look, and face frames were huge this year. As far as color, people have been showing up and asking for copper blondes and golden undertones. Last year was all about cooler tones, but this year people are really embracing warmth. Mauve pinks were big this year, too- a lot of rose gold with a copper vibe.

What is your own favorite style at the moment?

J: I love the natural bronde/bronzy balage look. I think colors are becoming softer and better blended, making it look effortless. You can’t see where they start and stop within the hair. I also get a lot of influence from 901 Salon and Johnny Ramirez and draw a lot of my inspiration from Blake Lively, who is the ultimate hair icon.

Do you recommend any particular products?

I like using the Amika products, particularly the texture spray. It’s like if dry shampoo and salt spray had a baby. I really like the brand because it’s light and bohemian and natural and really great for second day hair.

How did you get into hairstyling?

J: I’ve been working as a stylist for about 3 1/2 years now, since 2013. I started as an interior design major, with an eye for art and fashion and style, but realized it wasn’t working for me. I got into visual merchandising for fashion instead, and thought about going to FIT, but wasn’t sure if I could make a living out of it. I though about going into counseling but hairstyling was a great way to combine counseling and my love for fashion into one. I like it because you can customize a trend to a person in a different way every single day.

Obsessed enough yet? Because I am. Over the past couple of months, I’ve enticed so many of my friends and roommates to go to John to experience the magic themselves. Here are some of the looks we waked away with!

Also, heads up, this is my favorite part of getting my hair done with John! John always makes an effort to finish out his vision from start to finish, styling your hair after he’s done with the cut and color. As if this weren’t enough, he walks you through the entire process, explaining as he goes along why he’s doing what he’s doing, why he’s using certain products, etc., making you part of the full experience. He really wants you to be able to recreate the look that you walk away from the salon with at home, and as someone who is cosmetically challenged, I appreciate that so much. Plus, if you haven’t heard of the Beachwaver yet, guarantee you will have fallen in love with it by the time you leave. How it makes wavy curls so perfect, I will never know, but I am eternally grateful.

Like what you see? You can book an appointment with John at Innovations Salon & Spa in Liverpool near Great Northern Mall. Or for more information/inspiration, follow John at his Instagram handle, @hairbyhartt.

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