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John Paul Salon - The Cute New Hair + Lash Salon in Syracuse

As you may have heard by now, one of Syracuse's own (yas Tammy Ly we see you) has made this season of The Bachelor. This is the first air-time Syracuse has had since Ashley I, but if you remember, Ashley I was a Newhouse/SU grad, whereas Tammy Ly is a raised local ✌🏼

Now if there's one thing people in Syracuse love to talk about more than the weather, it's when anyone from this city does anything even remotely exciting. You may not admit that you consider being a Bachelor contestant ~ exciting ~ but let's face it, going on all expenses paid trips while earning IG fame isn't the worst life you could imagine.

What you probably didn't know (and I don't know why you would) is that Tammy Ly and I share a super close connection - that of the same (angel-of-a) hair stylist. John took my hair from drab to fab one fortunate day three years ago and I haven't looked back since. AND, just this past fall, newlyweds John and Paul moved from their previous location, taking the leap to open their own salon in Cicero. I've been working with John and Paulie to create their website (coming soon I PROMISE!), and because of this I was lucky enough to see the space shortly after it opened. Since then- actually, since the afternoon I ran into them in At Home searching for furniture for this much anticipated new space-I've watched it transform beyond my wildest expectations, and I know they have so many more exciting plans to come. It's the hair salon of all your "new hair, new me" Instagram photo-taking dreams!

Because I'm so excited for the duo, and because I'm excited to once more have a connection to The Bachelor (as a refresher, I worked for the show way back in 2016 and auditioned in 2018 LOL), I wanted to share a few pictures of the space. I may regret this when John and Paulie's already substantial client base becomes so large I can't book an appointment anymore, but here's hoping y'all won't forget about me when you're rich and famous.

When you first walk in, you'll immediately notice the airy, boho-chic vibe the two were going for when they designed the building. A lot of natural lighting helps to brightening things up on even the most dreary of CNY winter days.

A coffee station complements the waiting area with more pops of coral and turquoise color. I was immediately taken by the retro mini fridge when I walked in - 1. 70's vibes are my everything and 2. it's my dreaaaam to have a kitchen decked out in turquoise appliances. The Keurig, the Kitchenaid, you name it. Some day, some day...

Heading upstairs, you're greeted with a second lounge area. Bohemian/vintage vibes continue.

Did I mention that I'm in love?

The lash rooms are located upstairs, and could not get more zen if you tried. If you've had eyelash extensions before, you know that after about hour two you're out cold (if you're lucky - if not you're laying there trying not to think about how much you have to pee, wondering what would happen if you opened your eyes mid-application, trying not to swallow too loud... no, just me?), so having a cozy environment is essential to the experience.

Back downstairs are the wash stations - so clean and simple that every ounce of the OCD in me is screaming with joy.

And lastly - John & Paul's chairs... where all the magic happens... where mistakes of past hair stylists are forgiven... where dreams truly do come true 😂

Want to learn more about this new salon in the CNY area? Visit the Instagram page for more information and to book your next appointment!


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