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My Top 5 List- San Francisco Picks

Per request, I’ve decided to put together a list of my top 5 things to see/do in San Francisco! Although our trip to San Fran came at the very end of my time in California, I have to say it was well worth the wait- definitely my favorite city I visited. If you have the time, make sure to take the PCH up from LA too, I can’t even begin to describe the views! As for the city itself, make sure you check out the following:

5. Lombard Sreet

As strange as the streets are in San Francisco, I have to say Lombard Street is the strangest. While we made our way to this impressive sight by foot, I would strongly recommend driving down it if you have the chance, as it’s something that truly has to be experienced. San Francisco is known for its extremely steep streets, some seeming like they’re almost 90 degrees, so you can imagine my surprise when we rounded the corned only to come face to face with this strange sight. Filled with twists and turns and more shrubbery than you could possibly shake a fist at, this street certainly does not fit in with its surroundings, although it is really beautiful. And don’t even get me started with the view from the top! Envisioning living on such a beautiful street? It will only cost you a generous $2-4 million.

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4. Painted Ladies

These beautiful, colorful houses were high on my list of must sees for San Francisco. I never watched Full House as a child (you can blame the deprived childhood without cable for that!), but if you did, you’ll for sure recognize these homes. And seeing them in person was no let down! Right across the street is a beautiful park, perfect for photo opps, and perched up on a hill with a great view of the bay. We took some time to relax here, and it would be a great place for a picnic as well. Plus at sunrise? Forget it. Too pretty for words.

3. Golden Gate Bridge/ Park

Golden Gate was our first stop while in San Fran, and it was a big one. I’ve dreamed of walking across the bridge since I was a little girl, so you could say it was a bit surreal when our Uber finally dropped us off. We chose to drive across the bridge, walking back across, and there’s a great drop off/rest stop area to do this if you choose to do so (this first picture is taken from the vantage point of the rest stop.) When you finally make it back to the city-side, there’s a great park, and honestly, you could make a day out of it. There’s bike rentals, a beach, and another great place to stop and take pictures of the bridge that is in fact not gold. Traffic can get pretty backed up on this end though, so if you’re calling an Uber/taxi/Lyft to get back into the city, try walking down the road a little ways before doing so, it will definitely save you the struggle!

2. Fisherman’s Wharf

I’m a sucker for anything on the water, so it’s no question that Fisherman’s Wharf ranks in my top two places to visit in San Fran. With a very boardwalk-y feel, you can find just about anything you could possibly need here. From a quaint cafe, to a trashy tourist shop, to a high-class lobster dinner, you definitely have options. We chose to walk down to Pier 39 to grab some lunch, and stopped at a restaurant called the Market that served DELICIOUS looking bread bowls filled with clam chowder. I of course with my Celiac could not attest for the deliciousness, but my friend assured me that it was quite tasty. From here, take some time to walk the pier, check out the candy stores, and if you’re lucky catch a glimpse of some seals out sunning themselves! San Francisco is extremely windy but it can get pretty breezy here especially, so make sure to pack a sweatshirt of some sort!

1. AT&T Stadium

I’m a bit biased when it comes to this one… anyone who knows me knows I LOVE baseball. And I have it out to visit every major league stadium in my lifetime. So when I had the chance to purchase tickets for a Giants game you can bet I hopped on that opportunity. I can not say enough about this experience. First of all, our tickets were only $15 and put us up on the third level, almost directly behind home plate. I’m talking perfect seats here. Then, as we’re walking into the stadium, we see some fans walking around with huge orange and black checkered, fuzzy, earflap hats on. Yes, you heard right. Earflap hats. Keep in mind that it was about 40 degrees at this point since the stadium is right on the water and it was a nighttime game. I mention to my friends how I would love a hat, since I’m severely underdressed, and as we walk in the door WE ARE HANDED A FREE HAT. Everyone (until supplies ran out) got a hat- I still can’t believe it! It definitely made my night, and although I’m a Yankee fan, I have to say sorry Yanks but you now have some competition. It even almost made up for the fact that I paid almost $12 for an ice cream sundae. Which brings me to my next point- eat before the game, San Francisco is expensive people. On a scale of 10, I rank AT&T Stadium a 10, and with views overlooking the bay, I would highly recommend it to anyone, baseball fan or not.

For other fun adventures, head about an hour north and check out Muir Woods National Park. We were lucky enough to hit the park on the very tail end of National Park Week, so admission was free, but usually the entry fee is $10 and I would say well worth it! Although the redwoods here are probably some of the smallest in the area (for the larger Sequoias, you have to head a bit farther north), the park is beautiful and there are several very well laid out trails. The main trail is even made of wood paneling, so if you’re not feeling a strenuous hike, have no fear. If you are, there’s options for you too.

Make sure to add Haight-Ashbury, Ghiradelli Square, Union Square and Alcatraz Island to your bucket list too! Plus, don’t forget to take a ride on a cable car- extremely helpful after a long day of sightseeing and sore feet!

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