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Product Review: What + Where to Buy

Summer is my favorite time of year to play around with new beauty/hair products. I feel healthier in general in the summer, and that translates into taking better care of my body. As much as I love trying new products, if I can go without makeup during my day, I will. I prefer taking care of my skin and hair in ways that allow me to go out in public as natural as possible and feel confident doing so. Everyone has their own routine and preferences, but with that being said, I’ve decided to share my list of products that I’ve been using for years, that have been tried and true and never let me down.



Unless you’re traveling to France anytime in the near future, I recommend buying yours online, here.



I actually received my first container of Lancome Hydra Zen as part of an Influenster package, along with their speciality toner. After using these before bed for a week, I could immediately notice the difference in my skin. It was more hydrated, felt softer, plus it doesn’t hurt that these products smell amazing. I swear they even help me fall asleep at night (which, with a name like “Hydra Zen,” makes sense.)

I always find a good deal through Sephora, but you can find yours at most comparable drug stores or online (Amazon).



I'm not a fan of hairspray. I avoid it at all costs. Sure, it serves its purpose, and for sure, there is a time and a place for it, but few companies have perfected a hairspray yet that doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky or crunchy after application. The Amika Texture Spray is my favorite alternative to hairspray, especially when all I’m doing is a quick beachy wave. Because I have such fine hair, I have to have some product to keep my curls in place, and this, along with dry shampoo, does the trick. Special shoutout to my magician hair stylist, John, for introducing me.

I buy mine directly at my hair salon or on Amazon. (Also definitely note it’s a better bang for your buck to get the larger bottle.)



As I’m closing in on my 24th birthday, I can’t deny it anymore – I’m getting old. The time is now to start taking routine, daily care of my skin. I don’t go a day without applying this cream, typically before bed, but sometimes in the morning as well. It's also a great facial moisturizer – I first started using this my freshman year of college when I noticed really dry skin under my eyebrows during the winter months. I swear, within days the dryness cleared right up and never returned.

Quickest option: drug stores. I can almost always find mine at Kinney Drugs, CVS and Rite Aid. Amazon is always also an option.



Oh Argan oil. Beautiful, sweet, Argan oil. How I love you. If you’re looking for softer, bouncier, healthier hair, definitely invest in this little guy. He’s tiny, but he’ll last you months, and smells like heaven all bottled up. Just a few sprays on the ends of your hair right after the shower, and you’ll visibly notice less dead ends, and for me, a much easier comb through with a brush.

Seeing as one of these little guys usually go for anywhere between $14-$16, this Amazon 3-pack deal is MY FAV STEAL.



Neutrogena out here proving that good skin care doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. My typical skincare routine includes washing with an exfoliating scrub or my Vanity Planet wand, but when I’m really having a bad day, I use this, and hear me out here, LIFE SAVER IN A BOTTLE.

You can use it as a facewash, or let it set on your face like a mask (and wait for the best, cool, tingling feeling to follow suit). For the ~5 minutes its on, you can physically feel your pores being cleaned out. This product does however include benzoyl peroxide acne medication, so I don’t recommend using it everyday or if you have sensitive skin!

This is easy to find just about anywhere – Target, Walmart, Wegmans, any drug store, etc. etc.



Physician’s Formula is 100%, without a doubt, the best bronzer there is on the market. Rimmel does make one that I’ve found to be a close second, because let’s be real, PF is a littttle pricy. Especially when you drop yours on the bathroom floor and it shatters into a million pieces every other week…. heavy sigh for the clutz in me.

I love this brand above all others because of how smoothly and evenly it applies. It’s not overly cakey, and you don’t come out looking like an oompa loompa (unless that’s your thing, in which case, hey, have at it).

For whatever reason, I’ve found this product pretty hard to find. I’ve had the best luck at CVS, and CVS only. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to find this specific bronzer at Target or any other drug stores – it remains to be a mystery! Amazon has your back, too, but there’s no Prime option currently available.



I don’t usually apply much heat to my hair, especially in the summertime. I like to let it dry naturally and lighten in the sun. But I’ve started using this spray without fail after getting out of the shower- like most of these products, not only does it smell good, but it seems to soften my hair and make it much easier to brush through.

Another tricky one to find. Your best bet is typically at Target, but I almost always order mine off of Amazon.



Influenster for this hookup. Important to note, while I received these products for free, I am in no way getting paid to publish this – I truly am obsessed. Finding a concealer that works well… let me back up… finding a concealer that works well and won’t break the bank… is difficult as hell. But, e.l.f, I think you may have just done it.

For reference, I’m loving the Light Beige for this time of year, but also received a lighter sample for the winter months.

You can buy directly through e.l.f., or as always, I get mine through Amazon (can’t beat 2 day shipping baby!)

What products can’t you live without? Drop me a line or let me know below! xx

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