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Spa One Eighty: Auburn’s Best-Kept Secret

I hate to brag, but I’m kinda one for finding best kept secrets wherever I move. Okay, who am I kidding, I’m so many places it’s only a matter of time before I just fall into them. This one caught me by surprise though. And clearly I wasn’t the only one.

I took a picture of inside as soon as I got to my appointment, and when I got out to my car after I left, I had 10+ messages from friends asking me where I was. The craziest part is most of these texts were from people who have lived in Auburn for much longer than I have, too. How Spa One Eighty has kept itself a secret for so long is beyond me. Market your awesomeness!!

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Honestly, I think this cozy little spa has become one of my favorite things about Auburn. Besides brunch at the Hound (but that doesn’t count because where there’s food I’m a little biased) and a strawberry Nutella crepe from Crepe Myrtle (and that doesn’t count because it just got torn to the ground). So yeah, Spa One Eighty is now my favorite. Good thing I discovered it a whole three days before leaving forever, right?

I got lash extensions done for the first time ever about a month ago back at my home-base salon, Innovations. Maybe it was the fact that I was in a “treat yoself” kind of mood or maybe because I’m always surprised how different I can look when I put any effort in at all, but I was hooked. I knew right off the bat this was going to be a problem- lash extensions are an expensive habit to form, and I had used a Groupon so I didn’t even know the half of it yet. But with summer finally here and freckles in full force, to be able to wake up, roll over, pop out of bed and go to the gym without spending any time putting makeup on is worth the money to me. (Side but related note: I’m job searching if anyone is hiring and would like to feed into my bad habits, LOL). So in honor of my graduating and starting a 20+ hour drive back home in a few days, I decided to treat myself… again.

Spa 180 currently has two locations: one in Auburn and one in downtown Opelika. I might be a little biased, but I think the Opelika location wins- it’s in a much cuter location and the decoration inside is to KILL FOR. I mean just look at this.. I dieeee.

I mean, you go to the spa to get away for a bit, and get away I did.

PLUS Spa One Eighty Opelika sports the one and only Facial Bar- come in with your friends, family, whoever and try out multiple skin care products at a fraction of the price! This gives you a chance to try out what you like before purchasing a specific product, something I always wish more places gave you the option to do. Plus, it makes for a fun girls day or some bridal party fun!!

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Okay. Enough professing my love, let’s talk lashes.

So, yes, they’re an investment. With a Groupon, back home, I paid $80. But looking at your average cost, that’s a huge deal. And truthfully, I’ve noticed beauty-related things in Alabama cost much more than in New York. That’s weird to people other than myself, right? Or no? Maybe because there’s just less options in Auburn, I don’t know. All I know is between Auburn Med Spa and Spa One Eighty, I’m glad I gave Spa One Eighty a shot.

Personally, I think Auburn Med Spa isn’t worth all the hype. Sure, it’s in a convenient location, but the price point is way too high, and I was not impressed when I had my eyebrows waxed back in February. Anyone who knows me knows how picky I am about my brows. They’re thick and dark and I want them that way, which I specified when I went in. Yet for some reason everyone always wants them to be pencil thin because I came out 20 minutes later with half my left eyebrow missing. So with that in mind, and the $30 price difference between the two, I went with Spa One Eighty this time, and couldn’t be happier.

Natural lash extensions at Spa One Eighty go for $150, while at Auburn Med they weigh in at $180. Now, if you have a more fancy event to attend (perfect for a wedding, prom, etc.) Spa One Eighty will also do a “glamorous” lash look, for the same as Auburn Med’s regular- $180. As enticing as it sounds, though, I would 100% recommend going for the natural lashes, especially if it’s your first time.

Compared to what my lashes normally look like, these are still much, much fuller and longer, and honestly for a few minutes when I first week up in the morning I’m still always a little bit taken aback. They just look so. damn. good. (Thank you, Kaylie!!)

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If you like what you see and you’re in the Auburn area, I definitely recommend giving it a shot! Fair warning- you may become addicted like I have- so make sure that bank account can afford your new hobby first. And make sure to ask for Kaylie- she spent over an hour and a half with me, made sure I was comfortable the entire time and didn’t judge me when I ran back inside mid-thunderstorm to ask if I could write a blog on her. You just can’t not share a gem like this.

(P.S.: if you’re part of my Cuse crew and details about Auburn-area spas is of no use for you, ask for Jessica at Innovations, she’ll take care of you!)

What other beauty-related trends are in that y’all love? As someone who is always on the go and appreciates anything to make my morning routine quicker, I love to hear about any hacks you’ve got! 

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