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12 Nights of Wine Tasting with VineBox

Counting down the days til Christmas is so 2019. In 2020, we count the days til quarantine ends. With a little help of Vinebox, it turns out it's not all that bad.

I stumbled upon Vinebox while looking for a new wine delivery service and wanting to avoid liquor stores for a few weeks. VineBox is unique from other wine boxes in that wines come pre-portioned by the glass. AKA - there's no temptation to drink the entire bottle in one sitting, and if you don't like a particular variety/brand/etc., there's no harm done! On to the next one!

These boxes also make great gifts when you don't know what variety of wine someone else prefers - plus the end experience feels a hell of a lot like you're on a wine tour with your girlfriends, which spices it up a bit. Remember the days when wine tours existed?

At the start of quarantine, Vinebox launched their limited edition "12 Nights of Wine". Typically reserved for around the holidays (a play on the 12 Days of Christmas), the company decided what better way to meet the needs of people all around the country. This special box came with a wine pairing guide fit for the occasion (the occasion being absolutely no occasion at all) - detailing what to pair with sweats and mac n cheese, grilled cheese & tomato soup, frozen pizzas and more (you know, all the quality quarantine foods for when you just want to eat your feelings away).

Don't think they didn't include a few fancy wines, though, fit for dusting off the crystal wine glasses you use once a year, maybe even throwing on a pair of jeans, applying some makeup and treating yourself. Night 12's wine is Giovanni Abrigo Barolo Ravera, the most well-known and expensive wine from Italy - or so my tasting guide tells me. I still haven't cracked this baby open - I'm saving it for a celebratory toast once life returns to normal.

Although this particular box sold out fast, there's many other great boxes to choose from, including the coveted rosé box which is my favorite of all.

Boxes ship to most states - just make sure someone of legal age is home at the time of delivery!

Buy yours here.

As VineBox says it best, "it’s not drinking, it’s wine tasting, and that makes it classy." If that's not a motto I can get behind, I don't know what is. Cheers! xx

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