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Best Cyber Monday Amazon Finds (For the Working Girl)


Heads up ladies, you’re not going to want to miss this one. Cyber Monday is only hours away, these days she’s like Black Friday’s kid sister that had a major glow up. If you avoided the crowds and lines this past weekend in preparation to blow that hard-earned paycheck tomorrow, good for you. You deserve this. Let’s experience all the stages of buyer’s remorse together, shall we?

My favorite finds this year include:

Blue Light GlassesNothing says “ruin your eyes bye 25” quite like staring into a computer screen all day, which, let’s face it, most of us do. If you want to protect those pupils, invest in these. You won’t regret it.

Apple Charging DockBecause when you’re recharging your own batteries at night, you need your electronics to do the same. This stand charges your phone, watch and airpods all in one fell swoop, so you’ll be ready to go bright and early the next morning! No more messy cords or waking up to half charged technology.

Smart Phone PrinterWork hard, play hard, right? This printer comes in handy for capturing all those memories after letting loose on the weekend. Snap a pic and print it out instantly!

Shower Wine Glass HolderThe key to being a badass working woman is multitasking, lots and lots of multitasking, we all know that. So what better way to unwind after a long day than by… multitasking some more? Lather, sip, rinse, repeat- perfect from coming down from a stressful day. Or the perfect night-out pregame, your choice!

Tile Pro: I’m no stranger to the simple fact that the busier you are, the messier your purse gets. Mine is currently home to several dirty tissues, some sunflower seeds, tanning lotion (it’s November? k), a broken bracelet, one hoop earring, dry shampoo and chapstick with an unknown age. Never be late for that meeting or date again because you can’t find your keys/phone/wallet/etc. among a bag full of other entirely useless crap. Use Tile to find what you need, when you need it.

Portable USB Fan: Let’s face it, sometimes things can get a little crazy between the hours of 9-5. When you need a cool down, plug this sucker into any USB port, picture yourself on a beach far far away from your windowless office and let that hair fly in the breeze.

White Light Therapy Lamp: When you can use that extra boost of energy any way you can get it, and coffee isn’t nearly doing the trick anymore, try white light therapy. A little trivia knowledge for you: natural light from a sunny day is over 100x brighter than indoor lighting. So, for those of you living in particularly dark areas of the country this time of year especially, this lamp can help positively alter your energy, focus, mood and ability to get quality sleep.

Have you found other Cyber Monday must-haves? Drop them in the comments below! Let’s help our fellow hustling females out.

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