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Crazy For Daisies (+ Mimosa Flights)

Crazy Daisies. If you haven't yet heard, it's the place to be. Located on the west side of Syracuse past Fairmount, this ADORABLE little greenhouse-turned-cafe is where I've spent most of my outdoor dining dollars this summer. And I just can't seem to stop coming back.

If you're like me, you intensely research any new restaurant/bar before visiting. Maybe it's the blogger in me, but I think most people at least like to know a little bit about where they're going before they go. So of course I figured I had to give y'all the inside scoop.

Like I mentioned before, Crazy Daisies started as a greenhouse. But do I have a green thumb? Absolutely not. Like, not whatsoever, at all. So of course it was not the plants that drew me in (although they do create a pretty incredible ambience). What was it then, you ask, that caught my eye?

Two words - MIMOSA. FLIGHTS.

I'm a sucker for any kind of flight. It really doesn't matter. Wine, beer, cider, hard liquor - if I don't have to make a decision and choose just one, I'm there for it. At Crazy Daisies, the choice alcohol just happens to be champagne.

There are typically between 9-10 flavors to choose from on the menu - just pick your four favorite, go grab a table and 10 minutes later out pop some of the most beautiful concoctions you've ever seen. All are created using house-made simple syrups (none of that fake stuff) and garnished with a corresponding flower or herb.

My recommendations: strawberry basil, honey lavender, raspberry thyme + lime mulemosa.

If you're not a mimosa fan, the garden cafe offers NYS bees, wines + cider. The cafe food is made from local produce + businesses like Salt City Coffee, Dutch Hill Maple, Rohe Farms, Pasta's, + 1911. Because of COVID in NY right now, you do have to purchase some kind of food with your drink, but I recommend the 3 dips + chips combo regardless of any state-imposed mandatory eating. The trio comes with buff wing dip, spinach dip + salsa with corn chips + apps are always idea when you're drinking. 😉

Head to their website for more information on live events, menu offerings + seasonal greenhouse information.

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