DIY California Roll Sushi Bowl

Have you ever attempted making sushi before? It is not easy. But sometimes you just NEED some crab and spicy mayo in your life.

Enter the homemade sushi bowl. I adapted this recipe from a friend of mine, and while it is naturally gluten-free, you can change certain elements of the recipe yourself to make it vegetarian/vegan, too!

Quick, easy, inexpensive + tastes great!


  • sushi rice

  • avocado

  • cucumber

  • crab meat (real or imitation, I use imitation)

  • carrots

  • sesame seeds

  • sriracha mayo

  • optional: nori (seaweed)


  • Cook rice per instructions on package

  • While rice is cooking, dice avocado, cucumber and carrots (I bought my carrots pre-sliced)

  • I also used store-bough sriracha mayo, but you can also opt to make your own using quite literally mayonnaise, sriracha sauce and a hint of lemon juice

  • Once rice has cooled, layer rice and crab, and add avocado, cucumber and carrots

  • Top with a sprinkle of sesame seed and drizzle sriracha mayo to taste

And enjoy! What other fun "bowl" meals would you like to see next?


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