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Oh, My Darling: The New Space in Syracuse Everyone is Flocking To

If you’ve grown up in Syracuse, you know that typically, you don’t just walk down South Salina. The street has gotten a bad rep over the years, but some aspiring entrepreneurs are looking to change all that.


Enter, Clementine (by day) Oh My Darling (by night). A split storefront/restaurant offering the perfect combination of everything you need, no matter what the time. Stop by Clementine between 8-4 on any given weekday to grab a cup of coffee or quick bite to eat. After work, drop by Oh My Darling to wine and dine in the chiq-est, unique, ultra-modern space. The menu includes American Comfort classics, seasonal fare, and craft cocktails, and incorporates produce from local farmers and purveyors.

Wait, did someone say cocktails? No? Well, we did. A few days after it’s official opening, a co-worker and I headed over to the space to check it out and see just what all the hype was about. What was a glorified mid-week happy hour, we called “content creation.” It’s a tough life, I tell ya. We even have the photos to prove it:

Like I said, rough. 😉

While we didn’t stay for dinner (the jury’s still out on that, so if anyone’s been for a meal, drop me a line in the comments below- I’m dying to know how the food holds up!), we did order a few ~ beautiful spring drinks ~ and had a field day taking staging some photos. I mean, when a cocktail looks this good, how can you not? Plus, it always helps lessen the blow when you have a friend to stand on chairs/ perfect the angle + lighting with. You tend to get a few less “is this girl okay” -kind-of-looks.

What we ordered:

Clementine Whiskey Smash (featured left) + Lavender Lemonade Martini (featured right)

Now earlier I mentioned the location. Oh My Darling was founded on a belief in the future of Downtown Syracuse, and to that I give a lot of credit. Since working in downtown Armory Square for about the past month, I’ve learned so much about the community, the businesses in it, and the plans that Syracuse residents have for its future. And, while I think we’re still a bit behind cities like Rochester and Buffalo… it’s promising. On it’s website, Oh My Darling describes Syracuse as:

“what is becoming a modern city with a robust commercial hub, a thriving residential market, a vibrant and expanding theatre district, and a city that shares the vision in a better tomorrow.”

We are getting there, people. We really are. Is it enough for me to stay in-state? Probably not. But there is hope!

With a name that stems from a Bing Crosby song, is a soft take on the “Syracuse Orange,” and a speakeasy to come to complete the triad, one thing’s for sure – Oh My Darling/Clementine got their branding right. I had a blast coming in, and the ambience was impeccable. A++.

For more information and to view their menu, visit their website. Oh My Darling, Clementine, you have not seen the last of me. I will be back.

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