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Steel City Pops

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Steel City Pops. Ever heard of them? If you’re from the north like me, probably not, since right now the company only operates in Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Kentucky.

Baaaasically, Steel City Pops is a family owned company that makes all different flavored, all natural, healthy, gourmet popsicles. Now when I say gourmet, I mean gourmet. I don’t think I’ve ever once uttered the words “hey, let’s go get a popsicle!” before in my life. Nope, no way, if I’m going for something sweet it’s go big or go home, ya girl probably has her face shoved in a banana split in a back alley somewhere (idk because back alleys are where ice cream stands are located these days??). But honestly, Steel City has changed the game. I’ve been begging my friends to go for weeks (don’t believe me, just ask them, I’m sure they’ll verify my story).

The pops currently come in both fruity and creamy flavors, as well as cookie pops, and there is always a pop of the month. (For the full list of delicious flavors, visit their website.) So far during my time here in Auburn I’ve tried the Pomegranate, Vanilla Bean, Plum With Rosemary, and most recently the ~pOp of the mOnth~, the S’mores pop. All equally delicious in their own way, but I must say being biased to creamy/chocolatey desserts, I hold preference for the s’mores flavor. Plus I mean, toasted marshmallow ice cream dipped in chocolate with graham cracker crumbles? It’s hardly a contest.

I also have sources who have tried and two thumbs up’ped the Arnold Palmer, Cranberry Orange, Strawberry Lemonade and Maple Bacon Bourbon. The consensus is out on Strawberry Lemonade though, it seems to be a favorite by all, especially on a hot Alabama day.

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Honestly, that’s one of my favorite things about the company, that they offer both fruity and creamy flavors. I come from a family where there’s always arguments on preferences, and if we can’t come to an agreement, then nothing happens. With Steel City, you can’t go wrong!

Easily located off N College Street in Auburn, I highly recommend grabbing a pop and meandering around downtown. While the pops are a bit pricy (a little over $3 and more for dipping, drizzle and dredge), they’re made from all-natural, certified organic ingredients and locally-harvested where possible. If you love shopping small business (or love good food), I guarantee you will love Steel City Pops. Plus they’re incredibly dense and filling and- HUGE PERK for me- they are ALL. GLUTEN. FREE. Don’t even have to feel guilty on top of feeling fat!

Check out these happy campers enjoying their pops:

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Have you visited SCP before? What are your favorite ice cream/sweet treat places? Share your ideas- I’m always up for upping my daily calorie intake!

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