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The Coolest Place to be at The NYS Fair

If you’re anything like me, you dread going to the fair. Not only does it signal the end of summer, but its hot, sticky and overcrowded. But yet year after year I find myself smack dab in the center of the Midway, strollers swarming me, sun beating down, the intoxicating smell of fried foods and cigarette smoke wafting up my nose, wondering “how the hell did I get here?!” But then again.. it’s the fair… how could you not go?

Now granted there are several ways to escape the heat of the fair. Some less frowned upon that others, but effective all the same:

  1. Wine slushies. Cool your body temp from the inside out.

  2. Casually hose yourself down in any of the animal barns. Honestly, when people are petting cute baby animals, they tend not to even notice (not that I’m speaking from experience).

  3. The Dairy Building. Housing the butter sculpture, milk bar and ice cream stands, this building has to be kept cold (relatively speaking), and you can enjoy some tasty treats while you’re at it.



If you’re scratching your head and wondering what on earth an ice bar is and questioning when exactly the fair got one, I will tell you that I had the same reaction. Few people seem to know about the ice bar, which I find mystifying. Why there is not more hype surrounding it or advertising, I will never know- we couldn’t even find it listed as a vendor on the map! An insiders scoop: go. It’s totally worth it. One could even say it’s pretty chill. (Sorry. What’s a blog post without a horrible pun).


Starting initially in 2014, the tent opened first as just an ice “museum,” and has expanded over the past two years to incorporate a fully stocked ice bar inside. Admission into the museum is $7 and it is open to all ages, but of course to drink at the bar you must be 21.

You’re handed a fleece blanket at the front door, and the museum holds much the same feel of a haunted house- hidden behind closed doors, you don’t know what to expect. An 18 degree blast welcomes you as soon as you step foot inside and I found myself mesmerized by the various ice sculptures and seating carved out of ice. I won’t give away too much… you’ll just have to see for yourself! Find it located in a big white tent in the center of the Midway, directly next to the large Ferris Wheel!

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