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How to Make the Perfect At-Home Acai Bowl

Aside from seeing the sun on a regular basis, one of the top things that I miss from LA is acai. Before a couple of months ago, I hadn’t the slightest clue of what acai even was, but after a friend took me to a local Acai Nation, let me just tell you I don’t know how I lived before this wonderful food graced my life. So now that I’m back, it’s an essential, I need it in my life. Only problem is there’s nowhere local to quick dip in and grab a bowl, and I’m going into serious acai remission. I’m not kidding when I say the first thing I did when I got home was go to Wegmans in search of some puree so I could make my own bowl- which they unfortunately didn’t have- but instead I found some acai juice which I decided would just have to do the trick. (You can find this in the refrigerated section of Nature’s Marketplace in Wegmans, right next to the pre-made smoothies! I’m sure Trader Joe’s would carry it too!) I’ve been waiting for the perfect, hot summer day to make a bowl but since that looks like it isn’t going to happen any time soon (excuse me it’s the middle of may and it snowed yesterday), I didn’t think I could wait any longer. Going off of my knowledge of what I like in my perfect acai bowl, I thought I would put together a quick how-to for those of you looking to make your own at home!


You will need:

A bottle of Sambazon acai juice

An assortment of fruit (I used bananas, strawberries, blackberries and pineapple for topping)

Granola (I used Life Gfree’s gluten free granola, but feel free to use your personal fav!)

Coconut flakes

Chia seeds (I was missing this one very key ingredient and my bowl still turned out great! If you add strawberries into your mix, the seeds from these will act as a good substitute)

Honey (or Agave Nectar- just be careful because this is quite a bit sweeter than honey and you want to use this more for texture than for taste- I only added a couple of drops!)

The recipe is really actually extremely simple, and I eyeballed most of it along the way. I started by pouring about 3/4 of my bottle of juice into a blender and then adding my frozen fruit to the mix, so that the blender was about halfway full. Then I added a few quick drops of my agave nectar and sprinkled a handful of coconut on top.


After blending it all together for a few quick minutes I poured the mix into two small bowls and put it in the freezer for about 15 minutes to chill (this is just the consistency that I like- frozen yogurt-esque- what you decide is totally up to you!)


When you finally have a consistency of your liking, take your mix out of the freezer and go crazy with toppings, my personal favorite part!


I added some granola, banana, strawberries, fresh pineapple and then more granola to top mine.


After that, only one step remains- dig in and enjoy!! …and hope that the rain holds off long enough to catch a super artsy pic of your newest achievement. Priorities, people.


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