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How To Style a Meaningful Gallery Wall

This blank wall in our apartment has been bugging me since we moved in last October. It was the only space left to be styled - I knew I wanted to install a photo gallery, but I wanted each piece to be special, to hold some kind of meaning, not just some random art from Homegoods. I'll admit, several times I almost lost patience and self control in the Magnolia section of Target.... but boy am I glad I waited...

....because for Christmas I was gifted the two most special illustrations - one from my cousin of my Aunt Nancy who passed away this fall due to a rare brain cancer. My aunt was the life of every party, the most warm and charismatic person, and even though I know she's always looking down on us, it feels good that she's a permanent part of our apartment now as well. The other illustration I received was from my boyfriend's sister who's insanely talented and drew one of my favorite pictures from a trip him and I had taken earlier this year to Savannah. Couple these sentimental pieces with a print I ordered from Still Novel of my Havasu hike - a trip I still can't wrap my mind around - and my favorite signed Jon Bellion photo, I only needed one more to complete the quintet. It was a no brainer - a vintage map of Syracuse, the place I'll always consider home no matter where I move. Gallery wall complete 💯

Although directly correlated to my own life experiences, these pieces are easily customizable and I wanted to share how you can also go about creating a special gallery wall of your own!

Print: Still Novel

Frame: Target

Frame: Michaels

Print: I can't even remember where I initially bought this print - I've had it for years now and purchased it initially to bring with me to the 2016 concert in NYC to have signed at a meet and greet. To date, one of the coolest experiences of my life. If you have a signed poster, highly recommend adding to your own gallery wall! Every time I look at it I'm immediately brought right back to that day.

Frame: Amazon

Frame: Marshalls

Frame: TJMaxx

xx Jess

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