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Spice Up Your Kitchen with this Custom DIY

My UPS delivery guy hates me. I think that's clear by now. The number of Amazon packages I get daily is not okay, but I blame a combination of The Home Edit, Pinterest + TikTok. I can't help that I'm a sucker for a good DIY.

I saw this TikTok for a DIY spice rack almost 4 months ago. It's taken me that long to collect all the moving parts, buy all my spices, and find its perfect new home in our new apartment. But the finished product is finally here, and I had to share with y'all.

I'll be honest with you, in our house it serves as more of a decor piece than functional, but I'm beginning to notice that when there's spices in your direct line of vision every time you go in the kitchen, you tend to cook more using said spices. So win, win?

Links to the products I used below:

1. Custom Spice Stickers - Etsy ($10-$50)

You can choose shape, color, size and pick from set list of standard labels, or your own unique labels based on spices you use most. These would also be easy enough to make on your own using Canva if you had the patience for that kind of thing.

2. Glass Spice Bottles - Amazon ($24.99)

3. Acrylic Hanging Spice Rack - Amazon ($29.99)

While all of these supplies are under $30, buying the spices is where things get pricey. I recommend shopping around and in places you might not typically think to go first - Aldi, Dollar General, etc. - don't just head straight to Wegmans first shot unless you're okay with spending a couple hundred dollars. Spices are EXPENSIVE.

Now that the spice rack is complete, I'm off to Home Edit our entire apartment! Thinking coffee bar or pantry next... decisions decisions.

What are some of your favorite hacks to stay organized in the kitchen? Shoot me a message below! xx

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