Whipped Coffee: An At-Home How-To

It's day ??? of quarantine. I've exhausted my home reno projects, there's a path worn in our hardwoods from my pacing and I've officially been tagged in 8 push-up challenges and completed a whopping zero. Morale is low, but we're trying to keep some semblance of a routine alive for sanity's sake. Of course, where there there's routine there's caffeine, so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this new whipped coffee fad. And - now you can try it too! With grocery runs feeling more and more like the Hunger Games, the fact that you probably have most of the needed ingredients at home already is possibly the best news yet.

A quick little history lesson for you first - "whipped coffee" isn't the technical name for this phenomenon. Known in Korea as Dalgona Coffee, Greece as Frappe Coffee, and India as Beaten Coffee, it seems here in America we're a little late to the game. I say better late than never.

Super simple, only uses the following 4 ingredients:

- Instant coffee

- Sugar (or sugar substitute, I use Truvia)

- Milk (I love almond/oat for this - really compliments the texture of the coffee)

- Water


1. Combine equal parts instant coffee, hot water, sugar. This is the standard recipe, but I experimented a bit on my own after my first batch came out intensely sugary sweet. You can drop the sugar in your recipe down, but keep in mind the sugar helps hold the "fluffiness" factor

2. Whip using a hand mixer or wisk. Keep in mind using the latter does take about 15 minutes for the "fluff" to form. So yes, this can double as your quarantine workout and caffeine fix.

3. Pour your favorite milk or non-dairy beverage into a glass with ice (for the iced coffee version, this can also be made using hot milk if you're into that kind of thing!)

4. Scoop your delicious, caffeinated, golden brown fluff on top & enjoy! Expect smooth, creamy texture, overall sweet taste with a bitter punch.

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